The “Just-in-Case” Emergency Information includes your medical and health details together with any allergies and where you want to be treated if you’re hospitalised.

If you have animals, let people know who they contact to rescue and feed your pets.

Print out a few copies of your list, give them to your closest neighbour, relative or friend. Most importantly, have your emergency information handy and visible. Keep it in a prominent place; your car, your purse, stick it to the fridge or notice board in the kitchen, ”Just in Case”.

Free “Just-in-Case” Emergency list

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Heidi Wyeth

I am an author, passionate photographer and freelance food and travel writer. (www.heidihi.com) As a writer for 30 plus years, I have extensive experience in research, writing and editing for international magazines and for professional and corporate clients. At home, I relax by either gardening or creating multi-media artwork.

My writing and travels (www.heidihi.com a Food and Travel Blog for over 50s:) came to an abrupt halt with my husband’s illness, I became a full-time carer with no time to spare. After my husband’s passing, I was trying to re-invent myself, I researched and wrote “Just-in-Case” – Think ahead.

My vision with this document is to assist you to make a difficult task more manageable. I’d like to help you to have peace of mind so that in case of an emergency you won’t leave behind a nightmare for your loved ones to figure out what your wishes were.

About Heidi Wyeth

“Heidi’s successful career as a food and travel writer (www.heidihi.com) came to an abrupt halt with her husband’s illness and passing.

Now on her own, she re-invented herself and wrote “Just-in-Case – Think ahead”, a must-have book if there ever was.

Heidi is now busier than ever following her passions multi-media art and writing (www.artwyeth.com)

Judith Maestracci AM – past President Probus Indooroopilly

    My wife J and I wish to thank you sincerely for the Just in Case book. What an invaluable aid it will be in our life planning. Heidi has seen a need and filled the gap. The publication will reach those who need it most. With thanks M.E.