Create your bucket list

Create your bucket list

Bucket list

If you don’t yet have a bucket list; now is as good a time as ever to create one. People who have a bucket list are happier. They are working on keeping their dreams alive.

Write down and visualise what you would like to achieve, what you want to accomplish, where you dream of going. Clearly identify these goals. A bucket list is a good way to change your mindset. It’ll get you motivated to achieve the impossible.

Your list could be focused on travel, train rides, luxury or adventure cruising, wildlife safaris, local excursions, spa, and meditation weekends or great adventure trips. You may get that degree you never completed.

Whatever your dream; start working towards it. Learn to play an instrument, paint, draw, create jewellery; discover your sleeping talents.

Set yourself a deadline with smaller challenges first. When you start ticking off the first boxes, you’ll find that you will be motivated to realise the bigger tasks.