Get your affairs in order

Get your affairs in order

It’s never too late or for that matter, too early to get your affairs in order. Most of us will only think more seriously about “what if” when we retire.

You may have planned for your retirement for years, or you may be forced into retirement by circumstances beyond your control.  Most of us believe that bad things only happen to other people, we think that we are invincible. It is always somebody else who is run over by the proverbial bus. But guess what? The chances are that one day it’s somebody in your family or some close friend of yours who is in trouble and that’s when you realise that you should have got your affairs in order.

Being prepared is the operative word. Make sure you have your directives up-to-date at all times. The feeling that everything is in place and taken care of is hugely comforting.  Having peace of mind, knowing that you are organised,  “just in case”,  is very liberating!

When you are confident that all your affairs are in order, it’s time to attend to your bucket list. Dream big, dig deep – jot down what you really, genuinely want to do with the rest of your life. Write in details about what, how and when you want to achieve your goals. Imagine yourself doing it.

Take your list seriously; be determined to achieve your goals and work through the details, revising and adding items until you have a clear picture of how to realise your goals one by one and ticking them off your bucket list.

Enjoy life to the fullest – you’ve only got one shot at it. “Life is not a dress rehearsal” Start living. Check out my food and travel blog

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