Your ultimate Bucket List

Your ultimate Bucket List

Create your ultimate bucket list

Start living now – create your ultimate bucket list. People who have a bucket list are happier, they are keeping their dreams alive.  What is a bucket list? You ask. It is a list of goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to realise, and life events you crave completing before you die. How many people are planning to put together a bucket list for retirement? In other words, planning to start living ones they are retired? So many people do! However, they “miss the boat” and never make it.

Don’t leave  your bucket list until it’s too late

Too often, life throws a spanner into the works when we at least expect it. Suddenly a life-changing event hits us. Look what has just happened; The life-altering bush fires we have. There is no way that after this summer, retirement is going to look rosy for thousands of Australians because their dreams are shattered; their Bucket list left too late.

If you want to wait till retirement to live your ultimate bucket list, how sure can you be that in a decade or two, you’ll still be able to climb Mount Everest? Have saved enough petty cash to go on that luxury World Cruise? And more importantly, how do you know that you haven’t lost your marbles by then or you’re cruising into hospital for a double knee, hip or whatever else replacement?

Whatever your age; get your affairs in order and start your bucket list now. Your bucket list should be a work in progress, altering the ventures to whatever you feel like doing and what the circumstances allow you to do.

People who have a bucket list are happier

Now is as good a time as ever to create your ultimate bucket list. Research shows that people who have a plan are happier. They are keeping their dreams alive. This is one of the most important lists in your life, as it is an excellent way to alter your mindset, get you motivated and get you to achieve the near-impossible. Imagine vividly what you would like to accomplish, what you would like to change; Even if it is as simple as wanting to spend your kids’ inheritance. Dream of travelling to exotic locations. Think of learning a new language or to Tango. Plan scuba diving, skydiving, bungy jumping, cycle across the Simpson desert, or learn to fly. You may want to get that degree you never completed, or you just want to smell the Roses. And that’s ok too. Doing a good deed, help where it is needed, is as rewarding a bucket list item as an overseas holiday.

Discover your hidden talents

Reef Scape Resin Art Heidi Wyeth
Get creative

Discover your hidden talents; learn to play an instrument. I always wanted to play the piano; I just got myself a keyboard. So, enjoy life and do what you love most and always dreamed of doing; therefore, paint, draw, create. Just do things and go places. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Set yourself deadlines, and you soon find that you are becoming a high achiever when it comes to having fun. Therefore, take your list seriously; be determined to achieve your goals and work through the details, revising and adding items until you have a clear picture of how to realise your goals one by one and ticking them off your bucket list. Enjoy life to the fullest – you’ve only got one shot at it. “Life is not a dress rehearsal” Start living now.

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